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VEVOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 - LV Party

VEVOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 is a one and a half month based event which is aimed to reward VEVOFX’s valued guests for their top performance on promoting VEVOFX to the world. VEVOFX Affiliate Bonanza is a seasoned based event; different prizes are ready to be given away on different seasons. For instance, VEVOFX Affiliate Bonanza 2012 – LV Party, will be offering a wide range of Louise Vuitton prizes. A great range of prizes will be given away ranging from Louis Vuitton key chains to Louis Vuitton Luggage Bags! More referral; more LV! Only available at VEVOFX—Your Ideal Place for Forex Trading!
Terms & Conditions:
1. General Conditions
2. Participants
3. Results of the Contest & Publicatio
4. Winner Determination & Prizes
LevelFunded Account Reward
15LV Voucher $100
215LV Voucher $300
330LV Voucher $500
450LV Voucher $1,000
575LV Voucher $1,500
6100LV Voucher $3,000
7125LV Voucher $3,500
8150LV Voucher $4,000
9200LV Voucher $5,000
10300LV Voucher $10,000
5. Others
*For more details please do not hesitate to send your email to [email protected].