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VEVOFX Welcome Bonus

To show our appreciation for putting your trust on VEVOFX, we welcome you with special bonus to trade with us. VEVOFX live account client are subjected to receive the VEVOFX Welcome Bonus up to 500 USD with terms and conditions applied. Please refer to the table below for amount of bonus entitled by your deposit value:
>Minimum Deposits (USD)Bonus (USD)Pre-requisite to withdraw
100.00 to 499.992010 Standard Lots
500.00 to 999.995025 Standard Lots
1,000.00 to 4,999.9910050 Standard Lots
5,000.00 to infinite500300 Standard Lots
Terms & Conditions:
1. Every client has the rights to receive the Welcome Bonus in the amount table above to his first 5 trading account in case initial deposit balance of a trading account.
2. The Welcome Bonus only able withdrawn after the certain amount of FOREX trading transaction completed by the trading accounts that received the Welcome Bonus. The total volume of the trade must be not less than:
3. Withdrawal of fund which shall causes to the reducing of equity falls into a lower category, therefore the Welcome bonus shall be deemed as void if it is out of the categories range ;Or shall be deems and revised as according to the new category. Kindly ensure the equity is above the minimum requirement for obtaining a Welcome Bonus before any withdrawal has been made. Requirement of obtaining Welcome Bonus according to minimum equity:
4. Both T&C No.1 and No.2 must be fulfilled in order to obtain the Welcome bonus. T&C No.3 only applies after the T&C No.2 has fully fulfilled.
5. Welcome Bonus shall credited into client trading accounts within 12 working hours once his account meet the minimum requirement as stated above.
6. VEVOFX reserves the rights to withdraw or disqualify the Welcome Bonus in the case of revealing unscrupulous usage or abuse of the bonus surcharge system.
7. If the deposit was withdrawn right after the Welcome Bonus receipt, VEVOFX reserves the rights to withdraw or disqualify the Welcome Bonus for that trading account.
8. If reveal that the client open a reverse or hedge positions in different accounts, VEVOFX reserves the right to withdraw or disqualify the Welcome Bonus from all accounts.
9. VEVOFX reserve the rights to decline or refuse any request for Welcome Bonus without any prior notice and reason.
10. Shall the client to question or appeal for the company’s decision, it shall be e-mail to [email protected], within 10 working days.